Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ok soooooo I took a one day trip to NYC with a good friend of mine. We planned this trip like 2 weeks in advance. I am always up to go to NY and explore "newness" (my made up word). So we bought tickets to go see this musical called Fela. Apparently it was a movie turned into a play. When I say this play was off the hook in every-way possible it was. In the beginning you are introduced to "The Shrine" and from there you see women doing seductive african dancing....I mean they were getting it. Then the show starts and people are running through the aisles and dancing everywhere literally. I am not going to spill too much about the play but they were spitting some info in that show. I need to get on with it with african culture and books by African-Americans....I feel like I have missed some things but as seen in the play, it is never to late to educate yourself on things that you don't know.

A moment that made me think while in NY was when we sat behind this man that had a cane but he definitely didn't look like an older unhealthy man. His head was in our way in the beginning but he was nice enough to sit back so we could see. So later during intermission somehow he started talking to us about how he was a dancer and in my head I was like..."I KNEW IT!". I can just tell sometimes with people because I dance occasionally but did a lot of dancing some years ago. He was telling us about what happened to his hip. He said that one day he was up on a harness practicing for a performance and somehow he falls like 1 or 2 stories. I was like WOW! but he said that his hip didn't start bothering him until some years back. He was telling us how he could not go to any shows involving dance once his hip gave out for a long time. He made me a little sad but I totally understood what he was saying. It is just so interesting to hear peoples stories.

To add topping to the cake, Will and Jada Smith are 2 out of 3 (Jay-Z) of the producers. They were actually in attendance at the play. Jada Pinkett just doesn't age, I swear, she looked gorgeous. Now Will Smith looked like he was graying. You just think some celebs never age. They looked so cute together. *sigh* LOL Next random run into was when me and my friend stopped at expensive a$$ TGIF in Times Square. Nothing was under $17.99 but drinks, it was CRAZY, but we were hungry. So these kids as I thought they were are sitting behind us and they are talking about a bunch of dumb stuff so I am tempted to swing my head around and roll my eyes but I kept it together. LOL! So when they are done eating and get up to leave I notice that one of them is the little son of Run DMC with the little curly bush (can't remember his name for nothing...LOL) and I took a double take like no way...LOL. I think him and some other guy were on a double date and guess what they were not with any black girls...interesting....

Here are pictures from our adventure:
We made our first stop at FIT
Stopped @ Chipotle
Will Smith with the tan hat on and Jada right behind him with the ponytail leaving the FELA play they produced along with Jay-Z
Picture in front of the theater
Times Square is MADNESS! LOL!


  1. damn. i'ma move there next week. it's decided!

  2. Yeah NYC is the business, that is where I want to move one day but I got to get my ish together first.

  3. What an amazing adventure!! I love your were so detailed about the entire journey! We must hit NYC again soon:)