Friday, December 18, 2009

Trunk Show in NY (Clothing Designers)

I ran into some great clothing designers at the Trunk Show in NY. I mean some of these individuals work was out of this world. I really wanted to purchase some items but I did want to go out that night so I had to keep my pockets closed. I did snag a shirt through the whole process. Sometimes all it takes is for you to open your mouth. =)

I actually tried to check out Elan Regime's website, but it doesn't quite exist. This clothing line had various screen printed t-shirts which had lips, "Mrs. Independent", and a few others. This guy was pretty cool, I actually talked to him a little a while about his line. He said that it is a group of them that came up with the line. I actually got to snag a free shirt. =) Thanks!

Sammy B Designs was another clothing line that was out of this world. It was a mix of american apparel but a little more colors and details to it. She had a lookbook that was AMAZING. The clothing and models were a good look. I wanted to get this stripped skirt with a neon bow on it, it was adorable! She was pretty young and her clothing was sewn to perfection. I can't wait for her to get her site up and running so I can make some orders. =)

A clothing line that had a little more say so was Kosmetiks. These guys were pretty cool. Their shirts were being sold for dirt cheap prices but they were some cute shirts and some shirts I could see lots of people rockin'. I would definitely rock them. They're line is based out of NYC.

Here are a few shirts that caught my eye:

Check out their site at:

Carpe Diem "seize the day" Deformo "make your life extraordinary"....that was a pretty cool name of a t-shirt line. It was about four people there repping the line. I actually ended up buying a shirt from this clothing line because the prices were pretty reasonable and the shirts were pretty cute. The shirts are American Apparel shirts and I heard that their V-Necks are the business, so I decided to try one out with their design on it. I was pretty impressed with the fit of the shirt as well as the design.

Check ME OUT:

To see more of their merchandise go to:
Carpe Diem Deformo

Another line that I found to be amazing because this particular designer, a young lady which was a sweetheart, came up with a clothing line called Human Intonation which consisted of t-shirts that had very motivating statements such as, "Respect Life", "Katrina", "Darfur", and "Sex Love Life". All of her t-shirts go to support a cause. I think this is a great idea and what a great way to give back.

A summary of her t-shirt line:
HUMAN INTONATION is largely passionate about encouraging awareness and volunteerism around reputable social and human rights issues being addressed by growing non-profit organizations that may not receive the on-going heightened attention needed in order to keep the cause in the forefront of the public’s mind - consequently impacting the level of contributions the non-profit receives from the community. We believe the messages displayed through the graphics and slogans used on HUMAN INTONATION t-shirts and apparel give a positive voice to those non-profits working with social causes still struggling to be heard or struggling to not be forgotten.

To view her website go to:

This next designer was quite busy so I didn't get a chance to speak with her. Her clothing line was being worn by beautiful models which was a great way to see how various pieces looked on an actual person. Her clothing line was pretty hip and 99% of the pieces, I would definitely rock. Her line was far from the average prices of a Forever 21 clothing item but the pieces were awesome.

To see more of her pieces go to:

This last clothing line had a pretty catchy name. Their line was called Flthy Politics. The brand is built on the mind state of people being free from living in a controlled society that's lead by politics (people) that use deceit and power to gain control and make rules. I thought their line was pretty cool and it seems like pretty much anything goes with most of their t-shirts. These guys were pretty cool and were very embracing of me being a blogger.

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