Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dear Diary,

I have been lacking on my personal entries. I have been doing too much working lately. I had a pretty good X-mas despite me being phone-less. It is starting to catch up to me what sucks about not having a cellphone. I will survive til Dec 29th even if it kills me. It would be pretty miraculous if the phone comes in the mail tomorrow...that's a bit of a stretch but nothing wrong with being hopeful. I did get awaken early from a phone call on my house phone (who still has those?) with a Merry Christmas from my bestie....that was pretty sweet. =) I will start my countdown to NY which is going to be a trip to remember. I am going with a good friend that is pretty much into anything like me. I am going to take so many pics and I know it is going to be cold as hell but I WILL BE IN NY so who cares.

My hunt for my hot NYE outfit begins and ends tomorrow...I literally have 4 hours of tomorrow to get all that I need. I am a workaholic...ugh....but my check next Friday will be having me smiling from ear to ear. Hopefully that check doesn't get me into too much trouble in NY. =P

To a great Holiday Season cuz it's not over yet,
Franky J

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