Saturday, November 14, 2009

Outfit on A Budget

In the picture above the shirt from the swap was Banana Republic, the belt was something a friend brought to a swap party, the shorts were Mossimo (the brand at Target), and everything else was purchased. In total, the outfit was probably about $40-$50 (including the Naughty Monkey shoes that can't be seen). You just can't beat that.

I recently got hip to clothing swap parties. This where you bring in anything that has been lightly worn and see what others have to offer. You get to go through and pick items that you want. Everything is totally free!!!!!!! I have been to two of these and found some great pieces that were NAME BRAND. =)


  1. Im digging the leggings with the shorts::::...Never thought of that i always wear complete tights

  2. They're leg warmers but really long ones and yes thigh highs are starting to be my new thing. =)