Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today was one of the loveliest days we have had in a while.....I start off in a nice tone, but once you read through these'll see that I was highly pissed off today....

First stop when we got to Georgetown....CUSP....
We walk in, all the people that were working there were of course WHITE....they walked past me and my friend on numerous occassions...never saying anything. We didn't get a greeting when we came in, we weren't asked if we needed help or anything. I think that right there makes me not even want to makes me want to leave immediately.

Second stop was Betsey Johnson...this is when I almost set it off...
We walk in the store and again all the same race working there and you know what race it was. We get a look from one of them and they go back to what they were doing.....I see a few hot clutches I like. I look at them and admire them a little...LOL. Next we walk a little deeper into the store and are looking at the jewelry. The next thing that happens makes me want to set it of the girls that worked at the store was trying to get past...she just says excuse me like we are in the way and aren't sh*t. (I just remembered this, that really sparked my anger, two white girls walked in after and it was yelled across the room..."HEY LADIES, HOW ARE YOU DOING?!") I asked my friend if we were greeted when we entered and she said "No". I was like, "Okay. I'm ready to go". One of the girls is like "Bye Ladies" as we are leaving. I am like WTF! I guess since she heard me talking trash, they decided to speak. I was going on about how a black female or male walks in a mainly "white shopper" store...we are treated like sh*t and that because I had on my bright colors, they probably were thinking oh don't even help that is how I felt.

Third stop was Wink....
We walk in, both the white girls are looking down at something at the register. This store is as small as my room....and they never look up to say anything. We are just browsing, looking around and one walks past us to the back and again never saying a word to us. I told my friend let's go...this is store number three and still nobody said anything to us.

I felt totally disrespected after visitng all three of these stores. I just think as an African-American race, we should just stop shopping at stores where we are treated like we are below and could very well be above them. They don't know our background or who we could be related to or what money we have in our pockets to blow. I just hope you really look at how you are treated at some of these stores and take a stand. I am really thinking about writing a letter to all three of these stores.


  1. That doesnt make ANY SENSE! I think you should write a letter as well, thats really messed up and should not have happened at all.. Reading this just pissed me off. Its a darn shame.. smh

  2. Most of the stores down Georgetown are like that especially Ambercrombie and Fitch. I vowed to myself to never shop were I am not greeted or treated as an equal. I agree with you writing a letter to the store owner. I just pray that the owner is not a jerk or rude as the store employees were.

  3. I am actually probably going to write corporate....forget the little people...LOL!

  4. I would write the letter and send it to the store and corporate. It's cold up there in DC (area), and I'm not just talking about the weather...

  5. I was thinking about sending to both and just put in the letter to the store that I have also sent a letter to corporate. I have to sit down and write these letters sometime this weekend.