Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Diary,

SIGH...feeling of relief, I guess. Today is Friday. This has been the longest two weeks EVER! I have been helping to get models and everyone info for the Fashion Show on Saturday. It is going to be quite a lovely show. I can't wait to get my hair and make-up fun (I sound like a little kid, I know *sticks tounge out*). The run through went rather well yesterday. I always try to add diversity to a show....I hate when it's all one race gotta mix it up! =) I am very excited about a lot of the outfits are pretty great, one dress I might need a price for tomorrow and it will be my birthday dress *OWWWW*.

I am all and all excited that I was able to help out so much with the show. Ever since I took the sales lead/manager job at Vickies...I feel like I am not afraid to try to be over things. Before I became a manager I was always nervous sometimes to be over things because stuff always goes wrong, but I realized that nothing ever goes as perfectly planned as you want it to and that's life.

I will just end my entry with tonight will be a nice night...drinks with one of my really good friends and then off to a ladies night about our finances and more. This should be a really nice night...I am definitely looking forward to it.

To a great weekend,
Franky J

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