Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ok so I went to see this movie and I saw a lot of interesting as well as controversial things.

One of the controversial things being that curly hair is not pretty to some and that hair needs to be relaxed or straightened to be beautiful.

Second interesting thing in the documentary, every young celebrity they interviewed for the movie had WEAVE in their hair, I was shocked at some because I thought some of it was theres.....so all these ladies out here complaining...embrace what you have and make it your own.

Lastly I had a convo with one of my coworkers which is of the caucasian race, an older lady who actually first told me about Good Hair. I was telling her how the movie tries to portray that all black woman want straight hair or want to wear weave and that now we will always be asked if our hair is real or not from a white woman. She told me that within the caucasion race they have other things to worry about like weight. I found that to be very interesting because in the African-American world, weight is looked down upon if you are skinny. I can definitely attest to this because growing up I was EXTREMELY skinny and was teased A LOT...but you know what I can now still shop kids sections while everyone else is spending $50 on bras so I am loving my slimness. Ok off topic, but my point is that all races have their things that they worry about, so don't think that the movie Good Hair is going to have other races thinking that all African- Americans wear weave beacuse there are caucasian women that wear weave as well, for example Paris Hilton.

I just want you guys and girls to go see Good Hair and to know where the weave is actually coming from, I found that to be the MOST interesting thing about the movie. Some people do not know where human hair comes from.....I'll leave that to the movie to explain. =)

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