Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Diary,

I think October has officially been dedicated as my month of opportunities...I am either shooting or doing a fashion show most of this and next month. This is crazy. As soon as the new pics I did got put up, a photographer sent me a message to do a shoot with him. I usually don't do shoots with people I don't know but I am definitely down for networking and meeting new people. Next on the list is I will be modeling in a trunk show in NY Dec 5th (that's the plan). I even got sent some info to hopefully be in an upcoming artists music video (we shall see). There will be no nudity. I do not want that apart of my modeling resume.

I also just got asked to help out from a friend with the Beauty Expo Fashion Show but I have too much going on on Sat *sigh*. That ish would have been hot especially with Betsy Johnson's clothing...I love her!

I just have to look at it like more opportunities will patient. =)

To much success,
Franky J


  1. Do the dang thing buddy...I will always support ya! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Congratz. But how do you find these diff. shows to model for?

  3. Thank U! I either read about it or someone sends me info about it. I do a lot of networking, so that pretty much helps me to meet others doing the same things I enjoy doing.