Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ok...I could not wait to write about this experience. It's like being a monkey, climbing walls, jumping over stuff at the same time while running. When I say the work out was like I was at a serious track practice, I had to catch my breath. I am small but yet athletic and I LOVE TO WORK OUT! =) For all those people who are athletic or who once were, this is definitely something you would enjoy. The class was filled with guys. There were only 3 females, including myself, WE HELD IT DOWN. =) I was running against walls, jumping over this high up object and jumping on a small ledge to practice keeping my balance. The most tiring thing was the bear crawl, yes I said bear crawl, but I must have been killing it cuz the instructor kept saying good job Dana, I give all thanks to Couture for making us become characters...LOL. We didn't get to go outside because time passed us by. We were doing so was a serious workout. The pain will probably kick in tomorrow...and tomorrow brings Trapeze...that will be my next experience entry. =)

Here is a video from YouTube, if you have never heard or seen it before (pause music on the right):


  1. damn that loooks Super Fun!!!! i need that class in my life.

  2. Wow. So you know we will be doing this all day Saturday of Homecoming Right?! LOL

  3. LMAO u r an idiot Marcus! I think we all might be too fly to be doing all of that...LOLOLOL