Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interview with Lola Maxwell

What is your Bio?
Umm, most people know me as Jillz but on the stage im Lola, haha. I'm from DC, southeast to be specific. Im currently attending VCU for fashion merchandising, in my junior year.

Who were artists that influenced you?
Maannn, so many! Q-tip, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Biggie Smalls, Mos Def, Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, Kelis, MC Lyte, Missy Elliott

Who is your favorite artist/s? (I remember you saying Busta Rhymes on your cd =)
Haha, yep Busta is one of my fav artists, he's so creative & wild with it! Andre 3000, of course, Mos Def, and Biggie.

About your recent album and if it can be uploaded.
"Check the Rhyme" was meant to be just something "slight" for the summer time. Nothing too heavy, but would love for it to be played in heavy rotation, haha. I was actually surprised when I got back the feedback I did. The artist is always the most critical of his/her work, so with that said I didn't really think it was that hot. But, I guess I was wrong! People are feeling it and getting the idea of my "flow". The purpose of the project was to actually get people to hear my lyricism, that's why I mainly chose beats many would be familiar with. These are the sites with the download link:

Your next performance : This Thursday, Aug 20th @ the Element Lounge in Richmond, VA for the "No Doze Show", showcasing a lot of talent from Virginia

Websites, blogs, twitter:

Be on the Lookout for:
"From the Planet of the Greats..." is her next project and will be dropping this Fall!

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  1. Loved it.. and her mixtape is def in heave rotation on my ipod.. Jillian is doing her thang =)