Saturday, August 1, 2009


Ok so I guess I was inspired to write this because of my friend Drea's status on facebook about things we hated about ourselves growing up, I believe. This topic just had me really thinking.

I came to a debate of:

In the "Black" world being skinny is looked down upon a lot of times. If you don't have alot of "meat" on the bones or a big booty, you are not accepted a lot of times. Growing up, I went through a lot being a skinny girl, I was not the girl that got her crush....*tear*, but that's life and all I can say is "look at me now". If I flip the script and you look at the "White" world, skinny is the way to go, thick white girls are looked down upon, like totally.

I am just trying to figure out how it is that by just being a different race, different sizes are acceptable and unacceptable?

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  1. BELIEVE me, I know. Us tiny ladies have it hard in this world of fat asses! It's even harder for me cause growing up and now, all my friends have been thick, no, super thick. We make up for it with good health, beautiful faces, and stlye!! I'm sooo gorgeous, LOL, but seriously.