Saturday, August 29, 2009

DC Restaurant Week

It's almost over, well on Sunday it is.

I will be going on a date with my chicas to Rosa Mexicano for Restaurant Week. I heard the food is great and the resturant looks really really nice...I CANT WAIT. =) It is located right in the midst of the busy but my favorite place to be, Gallery Place/Chinatown.

My Review:
Ok so we canceled the Thirft Store adventure because we were so tired after eating loads of food from Rosa Mexicano. I didn't get to try the famous guacamole cuz someone was running a lil late, but what I did get was this crispy chicken taco (DELICIOUS), an enchilada in some sauce that was a bit much for me (I had to save half of it cuz I was so full), and dessert was honestly THE BEST PART, I got some kind of cheesecake that was made into a circle with loads of caramel in the middle of it. Sweets are a lot of the time not my favorite, but I would definitely go there just for that cheesecake. =)

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