Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beat Ya Feet Kings

DC is making its way in more ways than one. Go-Go is being played in NC on the radio...CRAZY right? I know. It is just amazing me that talent from the Metro area is finally being respected and NOTICED. It has taken long enough and it is about TIME.

The Beat Ya Feet Kings are on America's Best Dance Crew....I will definitely be glued to the tube on Sunday nights, its not a game...I have my other favorites but I will blog about them to show love to DC...ALL DAY...seriously... =)



  1. Great post. Even though no one in the DMV area still beats their feet, I wish them the best of luck. I always love it when we are being put on the map.

    but umm... text me about that hair tomorrow. 301 789 6134 [i hope i don't regret putting my number on this thing LOL]

  2. Yeah, no one beats their feet anymore but I wish them the best of luck. =) I will definitely text you tomorrow around 12pm when I go on lunch break...yeah I hope your number is safe on here as well...LOL

  3. My favorites are: Rhythm City!!! Def need to check their scene interactive out...I'll school you on that later...and ummm Massive Monkeys...The Artistry in Motion is cool and The Hero chicks are dope....but COUTURE....Enough Said...LOL