Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dear Diary,

I went to my friend Nicole's memorial on Friday morning. It was sad, but definitely a great way of hearing all the great stories from others that also shared great times with Nicole. I missed seeing so many people, I guess because I was in a rush to get to Vickies....

They were blasting some MJ mix at Vickies, they had me hype. It was sooo...crazy to see how MJ was able to reach so many people of different ages and races. You don't even know how many people were coming to the register dancing, it made me smile and laugh a lil. =)

After that I headed home and had to almost immediately get ready for Artomatic. I headed out there and met up with a few friends. I saw so much artwork. Their are so many talented people in this world and a lot of times they don't get to even share their talent with you.

I had an all and all great day yesterday and I am inspired to get back on with my scrapbook. You don't know how much stuff I have in my scrapbook/stuff that needs to be added from way back in high school to now. My art teacher in high school inspired me to keep going with my scrapbook and I did. =)

Here are a few pics from some of my favorite pieces at the Artomatic event:

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