Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today must have an entry...

It was a scary, gloomy, sad...all in one day in DC this afternoon....

I am sooooo...soooo happy, I did not hear of any of my friends or family being on the train...I mean the pictures are just so condolences definitely go out to those families.

Today I just walked my way home because driving in my neighborhood was just crazy, I saw at least 20 ambulances...helicopters flying over my head, streets were blocked off. many friends and family checked on me...I really felt loved and cared about.

I walked myself over to my best friends house since it was on the way home. It was great seeing her. She is like the sense talker for's like my best friends always have the right things to say and we just connect on another level that I can't even explain. We ran into this woman and somehow we got on the convo about marriage and how you should go about it. She went into stuff as deep as salaries should not be kept secret....I mean this was a 40sumthin year old...telling us some vital info. I was really taking in what she was saying because as I always say, older woman know stuff.

My best friend is getting married very soon...=) It will be beautiful! I can't to start looking for a wedding gift soon.

Sad day in DC,
Franky J

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