Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear Diary,

Despite my sucky situation, I modeled in a show yesterday called "Work the Office, Spice the Interview, Impress the Client: Business Couture Fashion Event" which showcased clothing from T. Simone (, Nauki Designs, clothing donated to Succes in Style ( and ZiZi Boutique right in Adams Morgan (

All the clothes were GREAT! The designers were great at what they do. I will hopefully be doing more work with them. I will have pics soon to post later on. I will be making some future purchases with all the designers and I might try to do a lil side internship with ZiZi Boutique, they have some exclusive clothing. They don't have your average Forever 21 pieces or prices, but I would definitely still make purchases because it is different and most likely no one else would have it.

A Jacket from ZiZI Boutique....funny thing is, I saw this in the Express paper, but I had never been there before. Things in my life just tend to happen for a reason.

A Dress from T. Simone Designs...this my GIRL right here =) Our story is we did a show in Greensboro in Dec of 08 and said we would keep in touch but a lot has happened since then and so yesterday me and her did a show and we looked at each other like I remember you, but both of us had different hairstyles at the time so it was definitely a reunion I needed. I am definitely keeping in touch this time around. =) I'll be in Charlotte sooner than later =)


  1. OMG Y DID U NOT TELL ME U HAD ANOTHER SHOW?? i didnt do a thing yesterday lol

  2. Awww I posted it on facebook (on my status), but I guess a lot of people missed time I will make sure I check with you to see if you're free. =)

  3. You are such a great person to work with! Truly good peoples!!!

    And yes, I look forward to working together again soon! :D

  4. Awww thank u! and so are you! =) Yes we will definitely be working together SOON in the near future!!

  5. Ok cool :) and i am glad you had fun and did so well