Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Diary,

I am trying to figure out why we put so much time into something that could very well turn into disappointment. Does anyone have a answer for this? I just feel like devoting time to one person used to be my motto, but if I feel like it isn't mutual...then it's time for me to keep it pimpn...pimpn'. Dating scene is just not my forte...I don't do much of it...I guess I like to put focus in to one person, but I guess it's time for me to get back on the prowel...LMAO as bad a as it sounds...I am only 23....I still have a ways to go. I don't plan on getting married until maybe around age 28-29 and maybe kids at 30. If this doesn't go as planned...I guess I will just be as single as I wanna be. This just sums things up to say that I am in no kind of rush. I am young and definitely gifted. I have a lot of goals and aspirations and I definitely plan on somehow completing these goals.

Thinking and Contemplating,
Franky J.

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